Red Carpet Release: Setmore Paper (April Fools).

After months of development, we’re pleased to announce the next version of Setmore to help your organization grow. This new iteration embodies our core values of clean design, usability, and goal-oriented scheduling that’s designed to work for you. Are you ready?

Go Beyond Digital

Setmore Paper is the low-tech yet high-profile way to deliver solid customer engagement. Discover the numerous benefits this bedrock technology offers:

Always up and running:
Setmore Paper utilizes a tangible, paper-based interface that resists all manner of technical glitches, digital security snafus, and downed Wi-Fi connections.

365-day capacity:
Hundreds of pages of appointment-booking possibility mean that Setmore Paper can support your busiest workdays. When it’s all filled up, just get a new one!

Ink-based stylus:
Stylus technology has been around for decades, but nobody ever thought to embed an ink-dispensing mechanism to allow it to work on non-digital surfaces.

At-a-glance administration:
Just flip through the pages to see all of your appointments for any given month. Our innovative margin technology allows you to quickly make annotations or updates.

Support unlimited users:
Setmore Paper changes hands as easily and often as you want. There’s no passwords required, enabling quick login and scheduling from anyone in your organization.

Stay organized and boost productivity:
The grid-based layout keeps all of your appointment data neatly arrayed to enable lightning-quick insights and decision-making about your business.

Get Your Hands on Setmore Paper

Everyone’s going to want a copy of Setmore Paper. Stay tuned for future updates – Setmore Paper is coming to a desktop or countertop near you! *ahem* at an unspecified future date.


– The Setmore Team

Want to beta test Setmore Paper? Post a comment below to be added to the super secret and exclusive beta tester list.

by Cassandra @ Setmore

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

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