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Team Setmore

Our primary objective is to help our uses succeed. This means helping Setmore users bring in new customers, bring more customers back, and help those customers book more appointments online.

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Humble beginnings

Setmore started in 2011 as an offshoot of parent company Full Creative, seeking an online scheduling solution to address our customers’ need for an online scheduling solution that worked for non-techie audiences. The biggest challenge of the day was finding an intuitive user interface, since most of the options available looked junky and were hard to navigate.

A perhaps wiser yet less courageous crew might have tried to build off an existing solution, but Setmore was made by intrepid code explorers with fire in their bellies and nothing to lose. We started the app from scratch and, little by little, added new features on a bi-weekly basis. After 5+ years of consistent feature development, expansion, and growth, Setmore has become what it is today and is the preferred online scheduling platform for tens of thousands of users all over the world.

Five Pillars

You can’t have a great platform without the right work culture fit to support its ongoing development. Setmore has thrived based on five pillars that make it a truly great company to work for, and in many ways unique and distinct from the herd of typical tech startups:

2020 and Beyond

Setmore has grown beyond our wildest expectations, in part because we had few expectations to begin with. We were always against the wind, paddling as hard as we could towards our goals, and we’re grateful for the outpouring of engagement that followed from our “quality first” approach. We know that markets are fluid and demand frequent adaptation, and the captains of Setmore are planning ahead, focusing on the next five years, ten years, twenty years, to meet future challenges. Our vision is maturing and our golden age has yet to come.

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